The Marshal by J. S. Matthews (Book Review #671)

The Marshal is an action-adventure book. The story begins explaining how the world has changed due to deadly radiation spread across the landscape. Humans live underground and in tough situations.

As people begin to rebuild, the story then takes you 200 years ahead of where the old America is no more. The land is divided. As things try to get better in this post-apocalyptic novel, the author spends less time describing the environment and more spending time working on the plot and characters. The situation gets worse as a new arrival threatens the very existence of the newly sorted systems.

By the author, the story is told from the point of view of a young woman named Elizabeth Hart. She is a sharpshooter recruited by a group of specialized law enforcers called the Marshals. Their task is to track down a feared outlaw who has come into possession of a piece of old-world technology that can access latent nuclear weapons. While hunting this outlaw, Elizabeth and her band of companions must deal with bandits, the elements, corruption, and mutated creatures that plague this post-apocalyptic world, but, more importantly, they must also confront what lies inside of each of them.

I found the literature to be filled with action. People were trying to survive a nuclear wasteland in a western world setting theme. The pace was steady, and I enjoyed the story in its entirety. I believe the author left enough room for a sequel to this story as not all loose ends were addressed. There was plenty of room for him to expand. Therefore, I look forward to reading more from him.


I would recommend this book to post-apocalyptic fans and people who like to read western-style stories.


Written by Jeyran Main

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