Immortal Defiance by Laura Maybrooke (Book Review #670)

Immortal defiance is a fantasy story about a silver Elvin enchantress named Dulcia Lightbringer, who is betrayed by her own people and then captured. Her saviour, Krath Lord of Gwyndoorn, who is an immortal, becomes her next problem as she begins to clash with him constantly. Krath has his own agenda, and the dynamic between both characters shapes up this anecdotal imaginary story.

The storytelling had a natural movement of going to the past and then back to the present, providing flashbacks was a brilliant add on. The world-building and its descriptive literature tremendously assisted this fantasy. I believe this was one of the reasons why this story stood out for me.


Dulcia and Krath provide us with a great story, and they have us continually thinking, is there anything going to happen between them? Every character has an intriguing personality, and the author manages to create a very plausible and detailed story to read.


I recommend this book to fantasy lovers.


Written by Jeyran Main

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