How to Sell the Stars by Richard J. Dowling (Book Review #673)

How to sell is a sci-fi story written about a world set in 2120 where everything you want is free. Leap is from the 1955’s though, and a time machine by Machiavellian AI takes him to this world where you really don’t have to work hard to achieve anything. Your relaxed and pretty much not motivated to do anything at all.

When Leap realizes that earth is in trouble, he puts all efforts into place just to turn the situation around. With that being said, action and drama begin. That is when Leap’s character blossoms and the dynamic of the entire plot revolves around him saving the earth.


The story had a steady pace and was very intriguing. Everything about the content was sci-fi related. The time machine was interestingly made, and I particularly enjoyed how the author represented a descriptive nature of the environment when Leap was in 2020.


The author provided so much content and sideline stories that he could easily make a sequel to this book. This book would suit anyone who likes to read sci-fi stories and time travel genres.


Written by Jeyran Main


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