30 days in June by Chris Westlake (Book Review #683)

30 days in June is a thriller fiction about Jefferey Allen trying to hide away from a serial killer called Spartacus. The story begins 30 years ago in June when Spartacus brutally kills a married couple and continues to kill until he gets to Jeffery Allen. Jeffery becomes the final victim and witness who survives the ordeal and goes into hiding, changing his name, and location to protect himself.

Spartacus seems to find Jeffery again, and that’s’ when the story takes an exciting turn creating a dynamic, page-turner, action-packed tale.


This is the third book for this author, and I found myself drawn to every detail of the story. The plot was very compelling and was filled with mystery, making me want to read it till the end. I was happy that the author didn’t always move back and forth with the time setting of the story and didn’t shed too long dwelling on the past and spent more time in the future.


The literature was very descriptive and not too harsh for the light-hearted, yet embodied enough detail for certain murder scenes. I look forward to reading more from this author and recommend this story to anyone who likes to read thriller novels.


Written by Jeyran Main


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