The Poop Diaries by Abby Ross (Book Review #694)

The poop diaries is a non-fictional collection of stories from plumbers about their most hilarious, disgusting, frightening and memorable experiences making service calls. You would expect the book to be filled with poop stories, but it is not. Aside from the humor and the descriptive nature of the experiences, you also read some interesting and unbelievable things, such as finding snakes or finding giant dildos stuck in pipes.

I mainly felt that the book made much sense and was delightfully entertaining because it possessed a confident, honest approach. There was an educational side to the book, which I also found useful. There were many aspects of the stories when the reader could learn not to do or to watch out for if they too came with such a dilemma.


The literature was written with humor, and that added to the enjoyment of reading the book. I believe it would suit anyone who likes to read nonfiction but people who simply want to have a light read during the day.


I look forward to reading more from this author. She has the potential to retell stories from her perspective yet keep it simple and intriguing. The wording is key when it comes to books like this and I think she did a good job.



Written by Jeyran Main

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