Flight of the spark by Evelyn Puerto (Book Review #704)


Flight of the spark is an epic fantasy about a girl named Iskra. She is 15 living in a land where ignorance and fear dominate the people. As she misses her ride back home, one day, she is attacked by bandits but rescued. As new things reveal about the attackers and a prophecy is revealed, which she never knew about, Iskra begins to question things and seek answers for herself.

The young adult novel takes you on a journey as we watch this young girl battel through reality and finding the truth. Although the novel was action-packed and possessed a real adult-like nature drama, it still suited the young age and owned a particular element of youth.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The literature was fast-paced and was filled with suspense and tension. Everything about the story was written with care, and it was evident that the author had taken much care writing the story.

Another unique component of the book was that the protagonist grew. It was a thrill watching her personality branch throughout the story and evolve to a stronger, more confident woman.

I would recommend this story to fantasy readers and young adult fans.

Written by Jeyran Main

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