Zepharius by Mel Snyder (Book Review #706)


The world Gisaawek is alien, and the people are part of a growing military project. Zepharius, who is a soldier, has the responsibility of increasing the strength of her planet and has a very obedient character. Once she realizes that mysterious disappearances are happening, she investigates the matter, and the aftermath of this realization becomes the source of the story.

I particularly enjoyed the fact that it had characters that depicted with both physical and mental disabilities and supported the concept of having a strong female lead.

The literature was descriptive. It contained sufficient sci-fi material and included some violence causing the book to be more suitable for an older audience.

The author understood that the concept she implemented was novel and therefore supplied visual guides in the back of each book with a sketch of the characters, maps, tools, weapons, and other items she thought necessary to depict.

I would recommend this book to people who like to read sci-fi fantasy, thriller, drama, suspense, and action.

Written by Jeyran Main

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