An Interview with Myself as a Cat: A Guide to Avoiding Writer’s Block by E. A. Bagby


Me: Hi cat-me. Welcome to our interview.

Cat: Meow.

Me: Now, my first question may seem obvious, so I’m guessing you might get this a lot, but why do you like being interviewed as a cat?

Cat: Actually, that’s a common misconception I get.

Me: What’s that?

Cat: That actually—and this may come as a surprise—that I love being interviewed as a cat. This is the first time I’ve been interviewed by myself…let alone as a cat.

Me: Ah, interesting…

Cat: Yeah, that one stumps most people.

Me: I’d imagine. Especially since there would be no “most people” being that this is the first time this has come up.

Cat: Exactly.

Me: Well, let me get right to it then…how is it you manage to avoid writer’s block when you write? Everyone knows you for this—


Cat: Everyone…yes.

Me:  …everyone. And, yet, no one seems to understand it. Any chance you can spill a little of the secret sauce for our audience?

Cat: O.K., because it’s me asking, perhaps I’ll share a little.  It’s simple really. Take now, for instance. Writer’s block was just about to hit—

Me: Is that so.

Cat: Yes, that is so. Anywho, as I was saying, I was just about to have a case of writer—

Me: Did you just say “anyhow?” Sorry to interrupt again, but I always say “anyhow.” I find it drives people crazy.

Cat: I said “anywho.”

Me: Did I just say “anyhow?” That’s funny. I meant “anywho.”

Cat: Anyway, avoiding writer’s block is really about letting the next idea come.

Me: Like interviewing yourself?

Cat: Right.

Me: …as a cat.

Cat: Exactly.

Me: Who’s a little snarky.

Cat: We get the point.

Me: Ha!

Cat: You see. The ideas are there…don’t try and mold them. That’s what people do. They try to mold them. Stop! Let them be. Let ‘em run free. You might even learn something.

Me: But doesn’t that just lead to a lot of nonsense.

Cat: No…well…it could, of course. I’m a strong believer, me, that the unconscious is a natural storyteller. I’m not saying don’t help the ideas grow. That’s how it is with most people—it’s one thing or another. You overthink it or you go all freeform. No! I’m saying, you know, you don’t get to choose your children. Don’t force a round peg into a square hole—

Me: So, even cliches are allowed?

Cat: Story’s are gruesome things. Heard of Stephen King? Kill your darlings.

Me: Ew.

Cat: Cut the bad stuff, I mean. Once your ideas had their playtime, talk to ’em. Learn from them. Nurture them, but not too much. Usually, they need tough love. If you’re lucky, they’ll be strong and powerful.  If they end up a cliche despite your efforts, or if they just suck, kill ‘em.

Me: So, are you saying an interview with oneself as a cat could eventually evolve into an eloquent philosophical treatise on the creative process?

Cat: Yeah, I suppose if I…uh, you…had the time.

Me: Speaking of time. That’s all we have for today. Thank you, cat, for joining us. And please come back soon.

Cat: Great. Now, I just need some pithy and clever stroke of brilliance with which to end this interview…perhaps in the next edit.

Written by Edward Bagby

Author Bio:

E. A. Bagby recently published his first book, The Journey (The Feigned Moon of Entiria Epic Serial Book 1), on Kindle.

The work is the first installment of a science fiction/fantasy fiction epic being distributed in a serialized fashion. 

Always thinking about what could be, and having a lifelong fascination with the environment (both built and natural), technology, and cultures (both ancient and current), E. A. has used these interests to invent a unique, speculative world.


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