The fall – Book 2- Reversion S.T. Campitelli (Book Review #754)

Reversion is a dystopian novel written in the year 2050, pre-fall. The story begins with Dr. Riley, who is a virologist. He happens to come across a patient that is dying from an infection unknown and unseen before. The virus known as the Jackson Virus takes over the world, and that is when The Fall begins. Those infected turn into Zombie-vampire monsters and those who survived harboured in Kulin Wallcom.

In book two, we see much more world-building and an even bigger cast adding drama, action scenes and modern technology. The literature was well written and had the added Australian slang, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I believe the slangs really made it special and unique to the storyline.

I have read and reviewed the first book and I think the potential reader would benefit from reading the series from the beginning.

Ironically, the book somehow reflected the world we are living in today. I am sure that the author’s intentions may not have been this when he was writing the story. However, this made the tale to be even more impressive.

I would recommend this series to anyone who is a fan of post-apocalyptic storylines, dystopian science, and Zombies.

Written by Jeyran Main

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2 Comments on “The fall – Book 2- Reversion S.T. Campitelli (Book Review #754)

  1. Good cover. Since half of my family are “Jacksons,” I trust they will enjoy my forwarding this review. With a little good fortune, this may boost sales for the title!

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