Scarred Soul of a Grieving Daughter: Inspired by True Events by Bette J. Hepler (Book Review #765)


Scarred soul of a grieving daughter is a psychological thriller written about a girl seeking revenge over her father’s death. The hatred within her provides the fire and ammunition to be brave, vigilant and rational towards the path she chooses to take. Alease is a professional woman and works as a psychotherapist. Her mission is not so much of a healthy one because she could lose her life over it, but the hatred is beyond reason, and that’s what drives this book fulfilling a very well written suspenseful, fictional story.

The story is set in Washington, and the incident was 30 years ago; however, for Alease, things are just as it happened yesterday.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The book is not long, and the author displays a powerful connection between the protagonist and her father. The love, loss and drama interconnected with revenge made it a delightful read. The literature had a steady pace. There were a few twists to the plot, which made the work intriguing, and I particularly enjoyed the growth of character in Alease’s behaviour as she went more in-depth with her journey.

I recommend this book to thriller fans and anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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