Kindness Feels Incredible – Piper and Beanie Adventures by Donna Coker (Book Review #802)


Kindness feels incredible is a children’s book dedicated to all children that need a little kindness. The story begins with Piper and Beanie going for a swim when they see Rowdy, a not so nice dog throwing stones at a squirrel. When Piper and Beanie go back to their mommy and complain about him, she advises them to be kind.

I liked the fact that the book induced the idea if someone is mean, show them kindness, and that may change their behavior. Show everyone love, and the world may be a better place.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Although the work was short and geared towards children, I found grammatical errors and a substantial lack of consideration over the long text. From my educational background and line of work, I know for a fact that children do not sit this long for a single page unless the images and illustrations are extremely eye-grabbing, which this book wasn’t either.

I believe the content and the intentions behind the book were admirable. The subject line of the matter was worth the read and, with minor changes, has the potential to work as an excellent educational book for children.

Written by Jeyran Main

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