Seven Rules of Time Travel Roy Huff (Book Review #843)


Seven rules of time travel is a science fiction story about Quinn Black. He has the power to travel through time and even change the future. With this power in his hands, his opportunities become endless. However, he does not calculate that there are specific rules in changing the past and altering the future, which creates a dynamic, touching story of this character and the decisions he makes.

The literature had a fast pace, and the author leaves nothing behind in the description and action-packed scenes. As time travel is always enjoyable to read, this book took me on another virtual image level. There are death and destruction in New York. Repeated days and history from when Quinn is young was particularly interesting to read as well. He could re-kindle romances he had once been unsuccessful at or repeat days that acted as if he was in a time-loop.

I admired the author writing a story with the fact that there are so many other time travel tales out there. I believe his background as a scientist and working for NASA really helped him in making the story.

I recommend this story to anyone who likes real-time travel stories and sci-fi material books.

Written by Jeyran Main

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