The Last Angel Warrior John W. Wells III (Book Review #860)


The last angel warriors is a young adult science fiction and fantasy story about Kalib. Everything is good and expected for this 16-year-old until someone comes into his town called Hainesville.

It only takes a few more pages before you get to realize that Kalib is also not just an ordinary boy. The story then addresses many exciting, action, and mystery scenes that include magic. The author truly takes us on a well-written story that consists of Angels, Demons, and Nephilims.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The literature is in the first narrative, and Kalib says it how it is. The writing has a sort of wittiness to it. There is youthfulness in the content, and since Kalib is also only 16 years, it meshed very well.

The characters don’t come with much of a backstory. What does exist is an excellent foundation for more series. The ending does cover a few unfinished businesses but does leave more for the wanting. The author does have the ability to make so many sideline stories with this.

I recommend this book to young adult readers who like fantasy reads.

Written by Jeyran Main

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