The Risks of Dead Reckoning – The Lovelace Series (Book 3) by Felicia Watson (Book Review #885)


The risks of dead reckoning is the third book of The Lovelace Series. It begins with Naiche engaged and on a mission to follow up a distress call from an unexplained space. She enters the unknown territory, realizing many things are at stake.

The story then takes you on this beautiful fantasy story that tests Naiche in every possible way. This created a remarkable dynamic of a story that embodied multilayers or scenes and descriptive storytelling.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I would have preferred to have started reading the book from the start. Beginning a series from the third book might not have been the best idea. Although the story did stand for itself, I still would have preferred to understand Naiche before her ordeal in this book. Her personality, despite her troubles, was strong, and as a female lead character, she really stood her ground.

I recommend this book to fantasy readers and anyone who likes space story like genres.

Written by Jeyran

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