The Twisty Passages of Time by K. D. Loveridge (Book Review #890)


The twisty passages is the first book of its series. The children’s time travel book takes you on a history and science fiction journey as Liam Fennly’s sister passes away and Liam discovers that his family has been lying to him all along. Liam and his friend, Richard begins a journey discovering what that is and what really happened to Liam’s sister.

I initially thought the book would be suitable for young adults, but it was perfect for adults. The dialogues, characters, and storytelling were relevant and kept the reader intrigued. The story’s pace was steady and embodied elements of friendship, kindness, family, and the quest to find what truly inspires to be home.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The cover design of the book was beautifully designed. By all means, if you want to judge the book by the cover, then do so. I particularly enjoyed the love displayed between siblings. The protagonist Liam is devastated by the loss of his sister. He is also bullied at school. This created a vulnerable and relatable character. It also inspired any young reader to be strong and to face expected triumphs with bravery and determination.

The literature was written well, and the story was enjoyable to read. It had enough to produce a foundation as the first book for many series to come.

I recommend this book to young adult fans and time travel readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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