Torrents of Our Time by Christian Fennell (Book Review #892)


Torrents of our time is a collection of twenty-two fictional stories. The stories weren’t the usual kind you would read. They were more dialogue-based but also appeared poetic.

The stories embodied messages in such a way that anyone could take various meanings and understanding of the passages. They were more originated by an additional in-depth lyrical notion of love, defeat, and pain. There was dark humor, harsh realism, and so much more meaning to the stories that pleasantly surprised me.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“The need for reason is not inspired by the quest for truth but by the quest for meaning.”

This quote from the book reminisced so much truth. Aren’t we all genuinely seeking the meaning instead of the truth?

This book is undoubtedly dissimilar to other short stories. The literature is very creative, and it is moving to read. I always advocate short books for people who like to take breaks between reading and don’t enjoy long twisted journeys; however, you don’t want to stop with this one. The urge to carry on just to see what else it can offer overtakes you. The cover design of the book was beautiful and complimented the content.

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to read something completely different.

Written by Jeyran Main

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2 Comments on “Torrents of Our Time by Christian Fennell (Book Review #892)

  1. Yes. Though “truth” is universal, “meaning” is quite individual. In the same way that reason can never even vaguely create traditions, truths may have utterly no bearing on the million meanings each individual must deal with in life. The book sounds interesting, even to this mainly “nonfiction reader.”

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