A Tracker’s Tale – Book 1 of the Trackers Series by Karen Avizur (Book Review #903)


A Tracker’s Tale is a Magical fantasy story about Katherine, a psychic/FBI agent who works with trackers moving between the parasapiens and humans. Since she has psychic ability, Katherine is an asset. As a single mom, she is determined and strong. Her daughter, Alexander, is the same as well, but things don’t work out as Katherine wants, and hard decisions have to be made when her daughter is kidnapped.

The world is filled with vampires, púcas, werewolves, and species that are forcibly put to live in harmony. The fear and force implemented by humans cannot keep these beings from claiming their rightful demand, which is to be equal alongside humans. Therefore, the understanding between them isn’t working.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The literature was written well. The pace was fast, and the world was enticing. The author did a good job keeping the reader intrigued. The dynamic between the characters really stood out. This is book one of the series, and so there is more to come. The foundation for a continual storyline was definitely there.

I enjoyed the bond between Katherine and her daughter. The content had elements of humor, politics, crime, thrill, and paranormal scenes.

Written by Jeyran Main

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