Out of the London Mist by Lyssa Medana (Book Review #911)


Out of the London mist is a steampunk tale about John Farnley, an aether pilot who travels back to his family home when he hears that his brother, Lord Nicholas Farnley, is murdered. He attempts to take over the family business and financial matters as Nicholas’ wife, Clara, grieves her loss. By inheriting the title, John once rejected, he now has his hands full.

As John ventures into the mist of the London fog, he discovers more plots and murders, but he isn’t alone and has friends willing to help him. They too, as just as strong and determined to assist. Avenging his brother and stopping the chain of events isn’t an easy quest, but his determination overtakes any fear or doubts he may have.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

John is a strong character, and his personality meshed well-being the lead and the protagonist for the quest at hand. John is smart as well as useful in socially finding answers. The story does not end with an understanding that satisfies the reader. You will need to read book two to find out the rest of the story. This didn’t take away anything from the pleasure of reading it; however, for those who don’t like cliff hangers, this should be noted.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read fantasy mysteries.

Jeyran Main

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