War of the Staffs by Steven Stephenson & K. M. Tedrick (Book Review #1148)


This review has been featured in REVIEW TALES MAGAZINE.

War of the Staffs is an epic fantasy story. The story is set in a world called Muiria. A powerful vampire wizard, Taza has brought a vengeful goddess, Adois, through the void, a space between the planets, and lends him a powerful staff, simply intended to take over the planet and turn it from good to evil.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is the first book of its series, and therefore you expect many character introductions. The story is filled with many villains. The imaginative setting is a treasure for those who love fantasy elements. If you’re looking for dangerous, all-out battles including dragons, wizards, and more, then this book would be a gem for you.

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