Dystopia’s Edge by Ian Price (Book Review #1226)


Dystopia’s edge is a cyberpunk science fiction story set in the future with many changes that keep you intrigued. It’s 2121, and Benjamin Edge is a mercenary for hire. He is a soldier trying to make ends meet, but at the same time, he runs guns, is a hitman, and pretty much spends his time surviving in the fallen civilization.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When Benjamin takes a shady business deal to smuggle some medical equipment from LA to San Francisco, things don’t go as planned. He is confronted by an old enemy who should have been dead.

The story is filled with descriptive writing explaining how the world is. The cyberpunk planet is a no-man land, and the protagonist’s character has an engaging personality. These stories, in my opinion, always have to be well researched so that there aren’t any loopholes and unexplained details. I was pleased to see that the author had done his research and made sure nothing was questionable.

I recommend this book to sci-fi fans and those who like to read about a different future.

Written by Jeyran Main

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