Fate’s Final Destiny by E T McNamara (Book Review #1246)


Fate’s final destiny is a military romance story. The story begins on a Pacific battlefield in 1944 during World War II but really goes back to 1930 when Cindy and Michael meet. Michael Johnson reminisces his time growing up in Oklahoma Panhandle and everything that happened with his childhood sweetheart as he lays wounded on the ground. 

The friendship between Cindy and Michael is solid and is beautiful to read. They are separated when Cindy’s mother decides to up and leave for California. As fate brings them back together, you get to read and enjoy how they overcome obstacles in order to prove their love for one another.

The historical romance also provides a steady glimpse into the Great Depression and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. I found the story enjoyable to read. The literature and narrative were smooth and well written.

I recommend this book to romance readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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