The Short story collective: 13 Tales from Japan by Andrew Innes (Book Review #1254)


Thirteen tales from Japan is a collection of stories discussing the contemporary issues facing Japan. It introduces the reader to a wide range of inspirational and thought-provoking scenes keeping you intrigued.

The added humor definitely is a delightful bonus to the short stories. You get to understand the complexity of the social norms existing in Japan. I particularly enjoyed how it made me feel as though I was traveling in Japan. The literature was descriptive, and the stories reflected the country.

When reading short stories, you don’t get to grasp any character development or solid foundation for the plotline. This is simply because the work is short and cannot fathom such a long narrative. However, with this collection, I noticed the author managed to somehow develop this skill or provide enough foundation and development.

If you like reading short segments and like collective stories, then you will enjoy this book.

Written by Jeyran Main

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