Feeling Normal Again by Stephen Kristof (Book Review #1272)


Feeling Normal Again is a nonfiction self-help book written to enable you to deal with all the stress and downsides COVID-19 induced on your mental health and physical body.

The author provides strategies to imply in your day-to-day life in hopes that you heal from the emotional and social damage caused. While we are fully aware of the effects of what happened and are still dealing with the situation, Kristof points out ways for us to take control of what is lost.

I mainly found this book helpful because it didn’t just go over the everyday things we are all uniformly affected by. It even covers things like recharging our faith in gaining hope.

The literature is written well and is targeted at anyone who wishes to deal with the post-pandemic. I recommend it to everyone since we all – in some shape or form- had to deal with COVID-19.

Written by Jeyran Main

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