The Order by John-Patrick Bayle (Book Review #1280)


The Order is a historical fiction set in 16th century France. Jan Vander Leuk, a young novice, realises that what he envisioned in joining the brotherhood isn’t all that he dreamed it was. He then has to change his way of thinking and go to the Holy Roman Empire to understand the truth about what is happening to his Church.

Jan, as a protagonist, was enjoyable to read. His naïve personality at first was really endearing. As his personality grew, you got to see a curious young man pursuing all the questions that were arising in his mind.

What stands out in this book is the historical references and how they synced with the character development. The story has a mystery and intriguing notion making it a transformative journey to read. The pace of the story is steady, and this adds to the pleasure of the storytelling.

I recommend this book to historical mystery readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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