When No One Else Believed by Ron Tripodo (Book Review #1322)


When No One Else Believed is a story about faith and endurance. There is no doubt about Ron’s love for Patsy, his wife. She has an illness that leaves her on life support, but against all odds, Ron believes in the message he receives from God, that he will heal her.

Ron’s personality is instantly understood. He is vulnerable, has a long-term disability, and he is love-stricken. The path is not easy for him. Patsy has a very low chance of survival. Ron’s belief in Jesus and that she will be healed makes him believe everything will be okay.

What I believe made this book stand out was not just the religious side of the story but the fact that one’s belief, no matter what it could be, can make you strong enough to stand against all and anything they may face. The human mind is amazing, and here you read how one is empowered by their faith to a point where no one else understands what is going on.

I recommend this book to believers and those who seek faith to show them the way.

Written by Jeyran Main

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