Unplug Your Robot by Karin Kiser (Book Review #1352)


‘Unplug Your Robot’ is a nonfiction self-help book written to change how you think about the normalities we think are meant to be part of our existence. The author introduces the concept of unplugging from the unconscious routine and living with clarity.

The literature is easy to read and follow. The intention is clear, to be happy and to live a fulfilled life. As you begin, you are instantly intrigued and find the material thought-provoking. While I have read my fair share of self-help material, I found this book to be very positive.

This is a helpful book and has an inspirational voice. I recommend this book to self-help material fans but mainly to those who really want to change the way their day-to-day life is currently being managed.

Written by Jeyran Main

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