Empire Resurgent by Robert Bruton (Book Review #1359)


Empire Resurgent is a historical fiction set in 530 A.D. Emperor Justinian is the emperor of Rome. Still, General Belisarius wants to change a few things and how things are run. As he manoeuvres ways to achieve this goal, he finally finds a way that leans towards war.

This is book one of the ‘Double-Edged Sword Series.’ It is filled with historical references, and the added romance is a bonus. The love Belisarius feels for Antonina is wonderful to read. The story is descriptive and has a steady flow to it.

Since it is the first book of its series, you get to divulge into much foundation and structure. As Belisarius deals with betrayal and heartbreak, we also get to read how strong he can be. I recommend this book to historical fiction fans.

Written by Jeyran Main

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