The Magician’s Secret by Charles Townsend (Book Review #1382)


‘The Magician’s Secret’ is a thriller about Delvin overcoming a tremendous ordeal of proving his innocence on a crime he never committed and a mysterious piece of treasure with magical properties that is wanted by all.

The novel is fast-paced, and you are instantly invited into Delvin’s world. The descriptive nature of the storyline provides details and all the difficulties Delvin and his friend, Jarla, face trying to create peace in the lands.

The connection between Delvin and his friend was exceptionally delightful. It added a certain dynamic to the story, which induced more excitement and enchantment. I appreciated how Jarla brought certain characteristics out of Delvin, making him more relatable and likable.

The author’s style of writing and the way the scenes were presented was entertaining. If you are into science fiction and enjoy drama, action, adventure, and magic, this book is for you.

Written by Jeyran Main

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