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Mark Bierman- Author of “Vanished”

“The subject of human trafficking is difficult to contend with, yet Jeyran bravely stepped into that world when she reviewed “Vanished”. I found her review to be honest, professional, and fair. It captured the novel’s true theme that compassion and hope can thrive, even… Continue Reading “Mark Bierman- Author of “Vanished””

Vanished by Mark Bierman (Book Review #471)

Vanished is a story about two people John and Tyler, trying to retrieve a little girl who has been stolen and sold by human traffickers. The couple goes through many obstacles in order to find the girl. The race is on when the time… Continue Reading “Vanished by Mark Bierman (Book Review #471)”

Writing Helped Save My Job by Mark Bierman

Writing Helped Save My Job by Mark Bierman “I’m done with all of it,” I thought aloud to our empty house in the fall of 2010. My wife and our two girls had gone shopping, and I was on a day off from my job… Continue Reading “Writing Helped Save My Job by Mark Bierman”