Vanished by Mark Bierman (Book Review #471)

Vanished is a story about two people John and Tyler, trying to retrieve a little girl who has been stolen and sold by human traffickers. The couple goes through many obstacles in order to find the girl. The race is on when the time is precious and the life a little girl is involved which makes this story very interesting to read.

The literature was easy to understand, and the pace was fast. I found the subject matter to be susceptible for a reader that may not necessarily have the heart to read such things. There is a risk of death, layers of pain, crisis, and dealing with the unthinkable as they navigate through the journey of finding this girl.


I particularly liked the cover of the book. The storyline may have not been novel, but the way it was written made you feel for the characters and unwillingly show emotion and keep hope for the little girl being found. I believe that displays good writing.


The concept of the storyline was appealing. The one thing that could improve the work was its character introduction. There were times where new characters were brought into the storyline but did not possess much backstory. This did not, however, affect the story itself and would have mattered if the book had a sequel.


I recommend this story to people that enjoy reading fiction stories that offer some light on sensitive topics.


Written by Jeyran Main

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