Two Moons: Memories from a World with One by RE Johnston (Book Review #470)

Two Moons is a young adult fiction novel. The story is set in a parallel world where everyone has vivid memories of previous life on Earth. The story begins with the protagonist coming of age recollecting being a female bio-weapon scientist. As a person with both sexes, he becomes a dangerous asset remembering being a mother and also being a scientist.

I found the story to raise many social, political, religious and other perceptions to mind. It also resembled a reincarnation state of mind where one could have been a whale before being a human. The humor did take place which added to the diverse nature of the story.


The literature was in good standing. The pace was steady, and I enjoyed reading the novel. What I believe stood out in this story was the storyline. While it remained to be suitable for its genre, it also would interest adult readers.


I found the world set to be excellent. Duorth was fascinating and filled with scenes where the sky has two moons. The fantasy world needs saving as well as Jay needs to protect himself.


I recommend this book to people who enjoy reading fantasy stories and appreciates original stories.


Written by Jeyran Main

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