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Visualization by Regina McDonald

Visualization. If someone were to ask you to describe the moment when your brain began forming pictures while reading or listening to a book, would you have a moment in time when written words suddenly burst into images of living color, scenes, characters, or… Continue Reading “Visualization by Regina McDonald”

A short conversation with Aria Ligi

Hammer of God was first conceived as I was writing a screenplay for a character whose personal angst was a kind of mirror to my own. Charlotte, who is the protagonist of the titular poem on page one and is referred to on page… Continue Reading “A short conversation with Aria Ligi”

Is Love the answer? by Kurt Brindley

Is Love the answer? by Kurt Brindley There’s a rather talkative pigheaded brute of a character in my latest release, a dark, violent thriller called THE GOOD KILL, whose name is Rick, Happy, Henderson. Happy is an unscrupulous thug of a security guard for an… Continue Reading “Is Love the answer? by Kurt Brindley”

Evolving as a Writer by Dennis Scheel

Evolving as a Writer by Dennis Scheel   As a writer, we all learn a good deal by reading other people’s work, but we must not forget the old rule of experience. The more that we write, the more used to it, we can… Continue Reading “Evolving as a Writer by Dennis Scheel”

You Can’t Get There From Here by Greg Schezinger

You Can’t Get There From Here by Greg Schezinger Author’s commentary I remember reading somewhere years ago, a tale about a Chinese warlord in ancient times who feared assassination so much that he constructed an elaborate fortress in order to prevent it. His stronghold… Continue Reading “You Can’t Get There From Here by Greg Schezinger”