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Travel Mania by Karen Gershowitz (Book Review #1072)

Travel Mania is a travel adventure story about Karen Gershowitz, who has travelled Europe alone at the age of 17. She has spanned more than 90 countries, pursuing her dream and passion of travelling. While travelling, she meets many people, understands various cultures, experiences… Continue Reading “Travel Mania by Karen Gershowitz (Book Review #1072)”

Milk with Wine – A child’s year in Paris by Meg Westley (Book Review #791)

Milk with wine is a memoir written and set in 1963. It begins with the author moving to Paris with her family at the age of 8. Meg has a very hard time adapting to the French culture, language, making friends, and in general,… Continue Reading “Milk with Wine – A child’s year in Paris by Meg Westley (Book Review #791)”

Codex of Light (Tenets of Exile Book 1) by E. P. Stein (Book Review #422)

Codex of Light is the first of its fantasy series. Dallet is a Luminean, a kingdom that has been long gone and hidden in the Dan’din. He has a dream to take over the Liminean Shrine and to marry his love, but in order… Continue Reading “Codex of Light (Tenets of Exile Book 1) by E. P. Stein (Book Review #422)”