Codex of Light (Tenets of Exile Book 1) by E. P. Stein (Book Review #422)

Codex of Light is the first of its fantasy series. Dallet is a Luminean, a kingdom that has been long gone and hidden in the Dan’din. He has a dream to take over the Liminean Shrine and to marry his love, but in order to accomplish it, he needs to read one of the ancient codices. The journey is challenging and filled with many adventures of which shape the story creating this epic voyage.

At first, I was a little confused with the backstory and the Silver Empire. Dallet’s personality being a student with no skills was very interesting. He has a huge responsibility carrying a Codex in shape of a book with powers. The story was intense, and I believe the confusion for me was more towards the diverse and dynamic race, religions and cultures that was embedded in the story.

This comment was not to state anything negative about the story but to say that it would suit people that are into fantasy novels and appreciate rich and complicated stories.

I believe the story had enough content in order to carry the reader into wanting more from the second book. I recommend this book to young adult readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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