Riapoke by Bryan Nowak (Book Review #212)

This book was kindly requested by Bryan Nowak.

Riapoke is a fiction thriller written about a mother and son taking a trip to Riapoke. When they arrived they ignore any suspicious and unusual thing they see or hear, little do they know their lives are in danger. Serial killing is a norm in Riapoke and Kyle has to work with his mother to save themselves out of this mess.

The interesting thing about this book was its world setting. Without a successful built up of the town, it would not have been able to be as good as a story it was. I believe the author managed to succeed in creating a very suspenseful and creative world where paranormal activities engage in producing this thriller novel.


I also enjoyed the dynamic between the mother and son. A small vacation before Kyle heading off to university became something way more than they anticipated. A vacation they will never forget, I am sure.

The character development was good enough to make them relatable. The pace was steady and there was an easy flow of what appeared to be the built up, in the ending. I look forward to reading more from this author and recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reading fiction thrillers.

Written By Jeyran Main

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