Codex of Darkness (Tenets of Exile Book 2) by E. P. Stein (Book Review #424)

Following the first book titled Codex of Light,” this fantasy series continues with the Codex of darkness. It was understood that Dallet was on a mission to carry a Codex in shape of a book with powers. He and his friends now have acquired this power and have to deal with the after-effects of it. Both are unsure yet as to what to do, and Dallet continues to be the main character in this exciting story.

The complexity of the novel continued to impress me with the lyrical storytelling and descriptive nature of the fantasy. The principle character remained exciting and refreshing.

I believe the author decided to remain on the same path as book one and added more backstory with the additional storyline. The narrative was strong and included exciting magical abilities. I recommend this book to young adult readers and metaphysical visionaries.

Purchasing the two books together would actually benefit the reader in this case, as you really do not want to wait to see what happens after you have read the first book.

Written by Jeyran Main

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