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The Last Keeper by J.V Hillard (Book Review #1261)

The last Keeper is a Metaphysical Fantasy and book one of the Warminster series. While the story is filled with action and adventure, you get to enter a beautifully described world where a blind Daemus Alaris has the gift of sight and is the… Continue Reading “The Last Keeper by J.V Hillard (Book Review #1261)”

The Pale Queen by Tyler Sehn (Book Review #1016)

The Pale Queen is a metaphysical fantasy story about Seren, and a quest, holding a weapon created to kills gods all in the service of the Pale Queen. In a world where humans and god co-exist, Seren journeys from one place to another, encountering… Continue Reading “The Pale Queen by Tyler Sehn (Book Review #1016)”