Tag: psychological thriller

The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy by Alan Joshua

The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy by Alan Joshua   ARE WE COSMIC APES? Neanderthal brains were larger than ours are. They thought in symbols and made and used tools over a million years ago. They interbred with modern humans, passing on a percentage of their… Continue Reading “The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy by Alan Joshua”

When houses burn by Lauren Lee (Book Review #262)

When houses burn is a psychological thriller written about Dr. Delilah Hedley. Delilah is unable to have children and this is taking a harsh toll on her life and marriage. As she is at work with a new patient, Luke, she begins to discover… Continue Reading “When houses burn by Lauren Lee (Book Review #262)”

The Dead Silence – Jane B (Book Review #317)

The dead silence is a psychological thriller. It provokes the notion of motherhood, and the dark side of the mind, which could exist. It’s not something you hear about every day, and the psychiatric doctor in this story has a patient named Anna, that… Continue Reading “The Dead Silence – Jane B (Book Review #317)”