CARNIVAL (The Spark Form Chronicles Book 2) by Matt Doyle (Book Review #338)

Carnival is book two of the Spark Form Chronicles. The story picks up from where it left off, and it is the second day of the spark Forming World Championships. John, Fahrn, Maria, Meera, Lana, and Connor remain as enticing characters in the storyline and the top four competitors in the game are in the final stages of their battles. Artificial intelligence is at its peak with holograms and many epic battles consisting of blood and death. Carnival has a big choice to make, should she decide to die only to re-appear as a more powerful being or should she continue existing.

Card games have never sounded this exciting. The characters and plot were yet again multi-layered, and filled with action battles. The pace of the story was fast and justified. Each character had its own agenda, path, fate, and personality. I personally enjoyed this aspect of the story. The science fiction and content was filled with highly thought out, plausible reasoning which gave the tale a solid foundation to its grounds.

I believe that if I had not read the first book, this one would have not made any sense. If you are interested in reading this book, then I would start from the beginning.

Wick by Matt Doyle (Book Review #240)

The international card battling uses holographic data, and that is how the competitors choose to battle it out depending on the combinations of the played cards. As each character’s agenda was pursued, they all came together for the big finale which made this story to be extremely appealing to read. I recommend this book to science fiction fantasy readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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