The Emblem Throne: The Runes of Issalia, Book II by Jeffrey L Kohanek (Book Review #101)


This review was kindly requested by the author, Jeffrey Kohanek

This is the second book of the series. If you wish to read the review of the first book, then you can find it here.

We journey back with Brock and his friends to the Academy. He is in training and discovers some unwelcoming truth about the whole organization including conspiracies and lies within the ministry itself.

Previously we learned that Brock was stuck in a world where an individual’s self-worth was categorized and classed based on runes. His dying aunt informed him about a guy named Alonza. He marked Brock as a member of the empires ruling class and created a fake tattoo for him.

Brock and his friends now have to go on a quest in finding a throne that has been lost for many years. This time round, they have to save humanity and all they have is words from an ancient prophecy and a kind of magic that they can barely wield.

Every scene is written with precision, and you can easily vision the imagery of this book. From The Chaos, The Unchosen and The Banished Horde to the romance, adventures, action and magic, this book does not disappoint.

If I had not read the first book, I still would have been able to pick up from book two. The Runes of Issalia, allows you to read more into Brock’s friends, Cameron, Benny, Ashland and their families. There is sufficient additional backstory for the next book, and that was justifiably executed in a well-plotted script. Although the whole notion of the battles, drama, love and loss they encountered was all for the right reasons, I found the ending to be even better than the first book.


As a reader, I would say just to buy all three books at one time because once you read the first; you really want to know the rest. I also appreciate the penmanship of this author and do find his work interesting. I recommend this book to everyone that likes a bit of magic and in their life.

Written by Jeyran Main

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