The End Matters Most by Peter Adewumi (Book Review #124)

“This project work is wholly dedicated to the holy one, who has a

pen, the author of all authors; the Almighty God, whose

understanding is unsearchable but reveals it to His own; whose

deep things cannot be searched, they are deeper than the

bottomless pit; whose limits cannot be found, they are higher

than the heaven; their measure is longer than the earth and

broader than the sea.

Indeed, He reveals secret things to His own.”

This review was kindly requested by Peter Adewumi.

In the world where all we have been told growing up has been; winning or losing does not matter or, the journey is what matters not the ending, this book believes that in fact, it is the end that matters.

By reading the dedication of this book, I knew that this is going to be a full on, religiously based read. I was expecting it to contain new material in a Christian faith dimension with added references to the Bible. What I in return received was an in-depth book informing the foundation for a glorious end with instructions on who to follow, what being an obedient servant means and how having a Prophet makes a difference in the quality of life you lead.

There are notifications on being aware and being wise towards the unknown and identifying the many colors of coat you see in life. The treating of others, the stature and how much being active is necessary remains also discussed in this book. You will even read on children and how spirituality breed’s success.

I believe in general it is clear that the book is created in hopes of giving guidance and what should really be common sense to all. The flow and direction this book has taken are purely religious based and although I was not a big fan of the cover, inside I found it interesting to read and very welcoming to people that enjoy reading on the same subject matter.

I recommend this book to religious book readers and people that are looking for other means of finding happiness and quality of life.

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Written by Jeyran Main

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