Meant for Heaven: A Little Girl’s Journey to Paradise by Bryan Young (Book Review #122)


“Daddy, it’s me. I’m with the Savior, and He is everything people have described Him to be and more.”

Meant for heaven is written about a little girl named Holland. She is the daughter of Bryan and Aleta Young. Her story begins when she tells daddy about her headaches.

Holland has a tumor, and that is when this Christian family begins to endure one of the hardest things in life. They have to say goodbye to the child they gave life to.

When looking into this experience, the author explains everything in a very healthy and natural way. There are instances in life where you do look at other people’s lives and say to yourself that at least you don’t have it as bad as them. However, times change, and occasionally it is our turn to endure things that others would then look at us, and think that they have it better. The message is this, though, we all go through many things, and trials and tribulations are what shape us. Everything does happen to the will of God, and in this case, although, the author originally had no plans to share this private and personal family hardship, I am glad that they did.

The book is a tremendously well-written tale with an even grander message. The truth and honesty within the content of the book are staggering. You can even see a picture of Aleta and Bryan each sitting next to little Holland as she has passed away. Your heart tears out for them as you read page after page on the expression of raw human emotions this father shares with the reader. You almost feel like wanting to reach into the book and give his family a hug and send them a prayer. The content is not preaching in religious references, but it is very apparent and pleasing to see that God and Jesus are with this family from the start to the end. Their belief is strong, and their will is even stronger. They went on this journey together, and with the love of God, they are moving forward.

I highly recommend this book to non-believers, and to people that are going through hardship in their life.

Written by Jeyran Main

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