Western Song by Leigh Podgorski (Book Review #354)

Western Song is a love story. Under the beautiful skies of the Wyoming sky and accident happens. Cody Goode is killed by a maniacal bull baby that Weston is riding, leaving behind his secretly engaged Tai immigrant who is arriving that evening, for the first time. Song is anything but what you would expect, and that is where the story excels to another level.

I believe the one thing that stood out was the unique character personalities that were created in this story. The story does have some important messages embedded in it which were lovely. The literature standard was very easy to follow and to understand. Song is freeing herself from a harsh situation, coming to a bitter understanding that her move has been for someone she had lost before she even got to be with.

The difference between the two cultures, background, personality was delicately written and plotted together. I felt a subtle elegance in the story which was pleasant since love stories frequently overtake and overuse that aspect, and this one did not.

The one thing that the author could improve on would be its world development. I wasn’t expecting a fantasy world setting since the story was not in that genre, but some additional scenery and landscape description could have possibly added to the enjoyment of the beautiful story.

I recommend this book to people that enjoy reading genuine love stories.

Jeyran Main

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