The SilverFox’s Guide to Cocktails: A Spiritual Journey by Luke Thorpe (Book Review #143)

This review was kindly requested by Luke Thorpe

The Silverfox’s Guide to Cocktails is a non-fiction book written about everything you need to know regarding alcoholic beverages.

This book is, in fact, a collection of recipes for anyone that is looking to entertain and make excellent drinks. It discusses the techniques and types of drinks that are out there. It also informs you of what you need before you can even start making these alcoholic beverages.

The author even takes a step deeper and offers a more in-depth understanding towards the various types of glasses used for these drinks. Every type of drink has a historical reference to it, where it originated from and what the general norm is towards the subject. I found that to be very interesting and enjoyable to read. I believe in adding this kind of attention and depth towards a recipe book, provides the reader an education as well as enjoyment. The work also consists of drawings and illustrations, which I found to be another great example of the author demonstrating his care and love towards his book.

I think this book would be very suitable for people that drink and like to experiment, making their own Cocktails. The flow of relativity in retrospect of the content was easy and to the point. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Written by Jeyran Main

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