South of Main Street by Robert Gately (Book Review #376)

South of Main Street is a young adult book written in a contemporary style. The story mainly focuses on Henry, a father of two girls. He suffers from some mental challenges after losing his son, and his daughter is suing him in order to gain control over a million-dollar estate. The story is set in Pennsylvania, and Henry has many things he is trying to deal with at the same time. The loss of his wife is another unfortunate thing that he has to overcome, and of course, South of Main is where he makes these changes happen.

I particularly liked how off Henry was. Sometimes in life, we get scolded for being different, and I did feel that Henry was one of them. His character and personality were created in a very unique way, and it was very easy to feel for him.

The story had a division amongst the people living on each side of the street. I enjoyed this contrast and believe that it brought more diversity towards the storyline.

The ending was foreseen, but that did not take away from enjoying this book. I believe anyone that likes to read fiction would appreciate this one.

Written by Jeyran Main

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