Assassin (Starlight #1) by Dori N. Hoxa (Book Review #148)

This review was kindly requested by Dori Hoxa.

Assassin is the first book of the starlight saga which is a science fiction story written about a girl named Star Watson. She is an ordinary teenager with even more ordinary dreams. However, someone places something really important in her mind without her knowing, placing herself and her family in danger while making her “The Keeper.”

“I hide in plain sight, do not speak. Do not seek. Do not think of The Unique. You shall only sneak a peek, do not ever let it leak.”

The Council’s Academy is situated in a world called Lyndor. It is run by fourteen of the strongest supernatural that govern over the shapeshifters, vampires, warlocks, Nephi’s and demons. They train Star to become an Assassin, and she begins to do the dirty work for them. The world is full of superpowers, immortals, and mortals with extraordinary abilities that walk on earth and are unknown to humans.

The Red Rebels are the ones causing the trouble. They are recruiting and killing the supernaturals. The Council believes that there is a mole in their department giving them top-secret information that is going to cause big problems. Star is sent on different missions to kill 21 rebels, however; as they die, the rebels tell her things that she begins to wonder what is going on.

The story consists with chapters that go back and forth explaining fours years ago and then returning to the present time, giving you a glimpse of how Star becomes an Assassin and what she is doing at present. I found this style of a layout to be very entertaining. Just when you thought that you were given enough information to figure Star out, you were taken back to the present and again back to four years ago. This kept me intrigued and made me want to know what happened in the past while I was waiting to read on the present.

The style of writing was very friendly, and the characters in the book were a shadow compared to Star, the lead character. The love and emotion she had for her family were portrayed very beautifully, and I found the plot to be very well put together.

Besides a few editing issues, I did not see any major faults in the book. I believe the author has great potential in writing stories in the same genre. The world setting and the descriptions were sufficient making the reader always aware of what was going on and keeping them interested in wanting to know more.

I recommend this book to everyone. You won’t regret reading this book.

Written by Jeyran Main

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