“Kids on Trump: America’s Children on President Trump” by Marie Korman & Freida Raj

This review was kindly requested by Marie Korman.

Kids on Trump is a short non-fiction book about creating opportunities for children to grow by giving value to what they think.

The book begins with interviewing a 10-year-old kid, asking her questions about Trump. The questions are all very generic and the answers are pretty funny. The girl is completely against Trump and wants nothing to do with him.

In between these interviews, there are exercises for the reader. I found the workshop kind of projects to be very interesting and helpful in understanding how important our kid’s values are.

There are illustrations and pictures drawn accompanying every interview. It is very apparent that kids today are very involved in politics and what is happening around them. I believe that we all need to give them more credit than we think.

I especially liked the part where the child is asked: What would you like President Trump to do for America? The Kid responds, ‘Keep Muslims here and not throw them out because other people think that Muslims are just visitors’.

I found the book to be very inspirational and unique in a way. The nature of the book is to demonstrate what kids today think about Trump and it succeeds in doing that. The other fact about this book is that it also evaluates the thoughts of children ranging from the age of 5- 16. I found this incredibly effective since the range of the age adds to the credibility of the results.

I believe that this book would be more suitable for parents and schools that wish to discuss politics and allow children to have a voice in everything that matters to them. Teaching children that it is okay to say what they think and for adults to actually listen. Allowing the youth to feel that they are being heard, introduces a society where everyone can work together in really creating a better future for their country.

Written by Jeyran Main

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