Curses of Scale by S.D. Reeves (Book Review #395)


Curses of scale is a young adult fantasy novel written about sixteen-year-old Niena. This brave girl just wants to go to the Bardi college but instead finds herself fighting a dragon in order to save her grandfather and everyone else she loves. She isn’t alone on this journey, and if she does accomplish the goal, she turns into the dragon herself. The decision comes with a price, and that is what makes this book very intriguing to read.

The adventure is filled with fairies, shapeshifters, dragons, and druids, making it a thought-provoking read for any fantasy reader. I found the story to be compelling, well written and enjoyable to read. The content appeared to be divided into sections that took its own narrative and chapters. This could confuse some, but for me, it was not a problem.

The world setting blended all the elements together, and the description was just enough to enable the reader to envision the scenes. I enjoyed the overlap between the built world and the home of the fairy well.

Every kid that is interested in reading a book would enjoy this story as it contained everything relevant to its genre. I believe the author has potential in creating good work and recommend this book to parents looking for good stories.

Written by Jeyran Main

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