Chapter 2: Lesson 1: First Civilizations – 3500 BC -300 CE

Mesopotamia – Sumeria

Sumeria was the first civilization that was developed in Mesopotamia. The Sumerians practiced a faith called Polytheistic, which meant that they believed if they obeyed the Gods then they would have a good harvest or less flood. A supreme ruler governed them. This method of ruling is called Theocracy. A deity or God had the right to rule.

Language and writing were conducted by making wedge-shaped impressions. This type of communication was created by Sumerians and it is called Cuneiform. The writing wasn’t just used for logging things down. Sumerians are the first storytellers too. The earliest surviving literature found by them is Gilgamesh which is a story about the adventures of a legendary king and his best friend.

One other really interesting thing to know about the Sumerians is that they were the ones that invented the system unit we use today to tell time! 60 second = 1 minute or 60 minutes = 1 hour.

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3 Comments on “Chapter 2: Lesson 1: First Civilizations – 3500 BC -300 CE

  1. Wow. Actually you’ve just given me a refreshing reminder. Taking me back to my Middle School days. I love History so expect me here very often. Thanks.


    • I am so glad to hear! Yes, I am trying to keep it light and clear so it would be more enjoyable and something to remember.


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