Feast of Fates (Four Feasts Till Darkness #1) by Christian A. Brown (Book #274)

Feast of fates is a historical fantasy book. It is the first book of its series and focuses on Morigan, a handmaiden to a powerful sorcerer, Thule. Morigan has powers she is unaware of and undergoes a self-discovery journey in this story. When Morigan walks into Caenith, the wolf’s shop, things begin to unravel for this epic story. He introduces her to the powers she beholds and reveals himself to be a werewolf.

Geadhain is heading for war. The two mystical brothers, Magnus and Brutus, lead the two kingdoms of Eod and Zioch. Magnus is possessed by a dark force and believes Brutus has something to do with it. Magnus marches to Brutus for answers while Queen Lila is left in charge. She hires Thule to investigate the matter. There is also a Queen that is waiting for her moment to attack the land. She is seeking revenge and resides in the city of Menos.

The story is not only a fantasy book, but it also touches on paranormal romance, sci-fi and has historical features to it. The chapters are divided into sections, each marked and organized for a clear, descriptive flow of pace, for the story. The literature has some getting used to, however, is very well written and easy to follow.

The book, although being short, has good character development and provides a very solid foundation for the next books to come. I believe anyone that enjoys fantasy books would appreciate this one.

Written by Jeyran Main

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